47 years old

Daniel S. Murphy


I feel in love with computers since the first Macintosh, a long time ago…and ever since I graduated from MIT it’s been my sole purpose in life to learn everything there is about computers. I started my professional career as an intern in Microsoft, and after a short stint there I decided to continue working as an IT consultant for a few major firms, focusing on problems with Windows servers and Cloud and Datacenter management. I’ve also received the major MVP award from Microsoft for my work on Windows servers. As I grew older and wiser, I decided to dedicate a bit of my time to education, that’s when I started writing for a couple of IT blogs, with the purpose to educate the audience on the most frequent issues in the computer science industry. Besides work, I’m a guy who likes to finish a day with a cup of tea and a book, a game of chess, or quality time with my family.

One of the best ways to continue advocating and educating the IT community was to start a blog, and that is why I decided to start OnlineOfficeSetup365.com. On this website, you can find a lot of useful information, tips, tricks, and secrets that you might find useful in your professional career.