Business Essentials Office 365

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business essentials office 365
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Business Essentials Office 365 helps you stay connected with your customers or coworkers. Office 365 Business Essentials enables you to initiate a group chat or private chat, share, create, manage and organize files, and quickly access your emails, contacts, and calendars from any device anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Office 365 suite allows you to access with one click so that anyone inside or outside your organization can attend online meetings from any device. Microsoft 365 gives extensible protection and data safety. Your information in Office 365 belongs to you, implying you have unlimited authority over it.

Where your information remains and who approaches it, just as accessibility and changes to the membership service. If you can end your office 365 subscription, you can take your information with you at any time.

Office 365 Business Vs. Office 365 Business Premium Vs. Office 365 Business Essentials

If you desire an inexpensive plan to get your employees web-based productivity applications and Microsoft Teams for communication and online association, you should go with Office 365 Business Essentials.

If you need a fully powered desktop application and do not need communication or business email support teams, you should get Office 365 Business. It is much more accessible than Office 365 Business Premium.

Still, it gets all your employee’s desktop applications, OneDrive cloud storage, and the ability to work on the web with Office web applications.

Office 365 Business

The main interest in this plan is its access to the powerful desktop applications of Microsoft. Office 365 Business is at the center of the package in terms of pricing.

For $12.50 per user per month, you get access to all your Office desktop applications, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher. You also get 1TB of OneDrive space and access to web versions of Office applications.

The downside of this plan is that it does not give you access to Microsoft teams.

Office 365 Business Premium

Office 365 Business Premium is a full-featured version of Office 365 for $22.00 per user. It’s a complete productivity package covering everything from instant messaging to file creation and sharing.

That being said, you get Microsoft desktop applications, Office web versions, Microsoft Teams, business email support, 1 TB of OneDrive space, SharePoint support, Exchange, and more.

Whether you go with Business or Business Premium comes down to your budget, if you need teams, if you need business email support and if you use SharePoint.

Office 365 Business Essentials

Office 365 Business Essentials is an affordable option that still gives you access to a lot. Until you get Office desktop applications, you get the Web versions of Office, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, 1 TB OneDrive storage, SharePoint, and business email support.

Although Business Essentials is not identical to Business Premium, desktop applications make up the bulk of the difference aside from desktop applications.

Another difference is that Business Premium gives you several tasks with Management Tools within Teams. If desktop applications are not necessary to you and your business, Office 365 Business Essentials is a great choice.

Aside from desktop applications, you do not have to give up much to get a complete online productivity package.

In addition to Office 365 business plans, there are three versions of Enterprise, E1, E3, and E5, and Microsoft 365 applications. These plans include some powerful administrator and security features and other benefits.

Desktop apps vs. online apps in Office 365 Business Essentials

Like the free Office 365, all Office 365 Business Essentials applications are web and mobile-only. Desktop versions of applications are only installed in Business and Business Premium. Office desktop apps enable file storage for interactive web-based reports.

OneDrive is included in Business Essentials, so all your files are backed up and available anywhere through your Microsoft account. But if a secure connection is not guaranteed, you may want to consider Business Premium to ensure you have the access you need to your Office files. 

Online applications tend to be slightly lower than their on-premises counterparts, but not by much. The essential functions are all there, and the interface is unchanged, even though the applications run through your browser.

Also, Microsoft Support delivers a lot of support to direct you through the features that are still available on the web and mobile phones, which are managed a little differently. Microsoft Office apps are abundant in all the features for business data

Apps included with Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials

Word for the web

Word is an excellent version of Microsoft’s word-processing feature. Customize virtually any text and layout feature.

Excel for the web

Excel for the Web looks and feels like a desktop application, although some file formats are not supported. It has all the essential functions of Excel for spreadsheets and graphs and is a built-in research tool.


Between Outlook and Exchange, Office 365 Business Essentials provides a business-class email and calendar service you can rely on.

PowerPoint for the web

Almost everything you know about PowerPoint desktop is included in the online version. You can create slides and add and edit text, images, photos, and graphics.

OneNote for the web

OneNote indicates an easy way for Microsoft to store and synchronize notes on all of your devices.

Who should buy Office 365 Business Essentials

Now that you have a substantial idea of what comes with Office 365 Business Essentials, it’s time to assess whether it includes what you need. If 1 TB of storage space or a limit of 300 users will be a problem, this is not your solution.

Microsoft’s enterprise-level offerings will speed you up. And if you do not want Microsoft to host your email, you will want to use Office 365 Business, not Business Essentials.


Office 365 Business Essentials, now called Microsoft 365 Business Basic, is precisely what you need as a small or medium-sized business to manage your business with complete site flexibility.

The user admins can share files with OneDrive or use complex SharePoint collaboration features. You get a powerful Exchange-based email system with a rich interface accessible from all devices.

And the famous Microsoft Teams for instant messaging and web conferencing. You are now ready to run your business from anywhere.