Enterprise Office 365 Plans: A Complete Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Enterprise Office 365 Plans: A Complete Review
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Enterprise Office 365 plans (E1, E3, and E5) are the new standard for office productivity tools for enterprise-sized organizations.

Businesses with more than 300+ employees can choose between 3 packages that include all of their favorite Microsoft applications and services, with advanced security, analytics, file storage, and compliance tools – as well as essential Word, Excel and PowerPoint elements. SharePoint, Exchange, and Outlook.

Office 365 E3 and E5 provide Office applications and services for day-to-day productivity. Among other things, Office 365 E5 includes exciting things like dial-up audio conferencing, Power BI, email threat protection, and many other great features.

Microsoft 365 plans are complete, intelligent solutions, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, giving everyone the power to be creative and work together safely. Power apps bring up privileged access management to another level. Microsoft power apps can aid the Windows virtual desktop versions with the Microsoft 365 business premium plan. The core Office apps require security features of web versions to bring Office 365 enterprise plans to small businesses efficiently.

Microsoft Office 365 plans for business

Microsoft Office 365 plans offer great tools for businesses and businesses to work entirely in the cloud. Microsoft renamed most of the plans in Microsoft 365 and partially retained the Office 365 label.

Comparing all the plans together on the Microsoft site can sometimes be a bit daunting, so to help you out, I created a preview to reach all the Office 365 programs.

If you have a small business with less than 300 users, Microsoft 365 business plans are the most exciting. Large organizations will need to consider the plans of Office 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Plans Comparison: E1 vs. E3 vs. E5

As mentioned earlier in this article, Microsoft Office 365 comes in three different Enterprise solutions: Microsoft Office 365 E1, E3, and E5.

You get more features with each level, but what exactly is included? As the name says by itself, Office 365 Enterprise plans are for large enterprises with more than 300 users.

The plans concentrate more on the needs of the enterprise, which focuses primarily on compliance and security issues. Large companies need more robust solutions because their needs are more complicated than small and medium enterprises.

Microsoft Office E1

Microsoft Office 365 E1 Price: $8 per user monthly if you decide to commit to this plan for an annual commitment.

Features of Office 365 E1

Microsoft Office 365 E1 is the lightest version of enterprise-level plans. Businesses need features like data compliance management but minimal MS Office applications. The features included in E1 are:

  • Research for content discovery
  • StaffHub and Planner to manage the daily tasks of the staff
  • MS Stream
  • Teams that have adopted Skype components and features for business
  • Email and calendars via Microsoft Exchange
  • Enterprise Social with Yammer
  • Communication and team sites with SharePoint
  • OneDrive for business with 1 TB cloud storage

Microsoft Office E3

Microsoft Office 365 E3 Price: $20 per user monthly if you decide to commit to this plan annually.

Businesses need features like security, compliance, business intelligence, and voice capabilities. Although the E3 plan is slightly more costly than the E1 level, the added features justify the acquisition.

Under the O365 E3 plan, each user receives the full enterprise license and can install web and mobile apps on a maximum of five desktops, five tablets, and five smartphones. That way, your telecommuters or home-based team will not depend on having a good, secure internet connection 24/7.

You can be productive with whatever plan you choose. Plan E3 includes everything mentioned in the E1 licenses along with some extras:

MS Office Suite: regular users will always receive the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Access, and Publisher.

Cloud storage: The Office 365 E1 comes with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage for business (more than enough in most cases). Furthermore, with the O365 E3, you get 1TB by default and can increase it to 5TB or even 25TB if needed.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): DLP grants you to comply with business standards and industry regulations to protect sensitive information and prevent data leaks outside the organization. DLP is not available in E1.

Platform Installation: Users now benefit from installing Office apps across devices (Windows, Mac, Android, tablets, smartphones).

All features of the Enterprise E1 Plan are included in Plan E3. Additionally, here is what you will get in the Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan.

Features of Office 365 E3

  • Store archive email on site
  • OneDrive Unlimited Space
  • eDiscovery legal retention
  • eDiscovery export and case app management
  • Hosted voicemail support
  • Office Client applications
  • Legal compliance

Microsoft Office E5

Microsoft Office 365 E3 Price: $35 per user monthly if you decide to commit to this plan annually.

Refers to companies that need all the features of E1 and E3 plans. E5 is definitely the most expensive plan for Office 365. With Plan E5, you get all the consolidated features available in Office 365. The Enterprise E1 and E3 Plan features are included in the Enterprise E5 Plan.

The O365 E5 is the super-powerful version of Office and is available at a slightly increased price. However, the main addition to the E5 license is the entirely loaded security features and some analytics tools and voice capabilities. You get everything contained in E3 along with a few more benefits:

Advanced information security and protection: The E5 license takes measures to protect your data from threats such as identity theft and zero-day malware. DLP guarantees the security of your content. In this way, E5 users remain protected from the dangers of attachments and links.

Analytics Tools: E5 is the only Enterprise Plan that offers analytics tools such as MyAnalytics and PowerBI Pro for data analysis and visualization.

All features of the Enterprise E1 and E3 plans are included in the Enterprise E5 plan. Additionally, here is what you will get in the Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan.

Features of Office 365 E5

  • Advanced analytics with Power BI Pro and Microsoft MyAnalytics
  • Advanced eDiscovery
  • Advanced data device management and auditing
  • Advanced security with advanced threat protection and customer lock
  • Prevent data loss for Microsoft Teams chat and channel messages
  • Advanced control and presence of Office 365 environment
  • Advanced security features
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for End-User Organizational Analytics
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Skype for Business Cloud PBX
  • Microsoft teams
  • OneDrive Unlimited Space
  • PSTN conferences for selecting team online meetings from anywhere
  • Cloud services for a call management


We at OnlineOfficeSetup365 hope that this article helped you compare 365 plans Enterprise Office. Microsoft offers many different plans, but in general, they offer you a lot of flexibility and can help your business grow.

Choosing the correct version of Office 365 is an important step. However, remember that since these are subscription licenses, you are never locked in the licenses you choose to commence.

You can degrade or upgrade it, and you can also have a mix of different licenses of Enterprise Office 365 plans for different needs of the users in your company.