Excel for Office 365

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Excel for Office 365
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Excel for Office 365 is part of the programs that are shipped with the Microsoft Office 365 suite. You can also use the powerful features found in desktop versions of Office 365 Excel in the cloud-based version.

Office 365 is a subscription cloud-based version of the Microsoft Office Suite, and you have a few options when purchasing an account. The first is Office 365 Personal that performs a single user full access to each of the Office applications. The second is Office 365 Home, created for families where many people are applying Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an office set of desktop applications, servers, and services for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Microsoft Office are regular apps on all workstations for faculty and business.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 grants online versions of Microsoft Office products. The standard package includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and more. Office 365 is usable from anywhere, anytime from any PC or smart device with an Internet connection. Office 365 integrates quickly with OneDrive for business document editing and co-authorship.

Exclusive features of Office 365

There are numerous similarities between Office 365 programs and the traditional Microsoft Office suite, so the whole experience should be familiar to you if you have used Office before.

Still, Office 365 offers several advantages that are not available with the Microsoft Office suite. For example, an Office 365 subscription gives you access to multiple features, including translator, extension helper, and intelligent search.

You are also able to collaborate with others in Excel through the co-authorship feature, allowing others to edit your workbook in real-time.

Office mobile apps have an abundance of features if you are a regular subscriber. For instance, you can insert page breaks, use multiple colors, etc.

Yet, free versions of mobile applications enable you to perform only elementary tasks, such as creating a file and inserting a text.

What’s new in Excel 365

Excel 365 refers to the Excel subscription version instead of the fixed version of Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, etc.

Typically, the Excel subscription version is available as part of a suite of applications called Office 365, named Microsoft 365, in 2020. You can view the subscription status by navigating to File> Account, which displays current product information. The Excel subscription version is still being downloaded and launched as a standard application for Windows and Mac OS.

Moreover, one of the main things to note here is that Excel 365 has new features but still is not available in any other version of Excel.

What’s the difference between Excel 2019 and Excel 365?

There is not much difference between them at the moment in terms of functionality; it’s just a different licensing agreement. Excel 2019 is a permanent, entirely purchased, standalone version of Excel, and Excel 365 is the subscription-based software version.

What is the difference between a perpetual and a subscription-based license?

In the past, Microsoft has always sold a regular license that is fully purchased and owned forever. With this type of license, the user does not receive any updates to their software until the next version is released and installed.

Large organizations with many users who have purchased perpetual licenses often wait several years before upgrading due to cost and usually lag behind at least one or two versions.

It means that there has always been a wide range of performances in use in the general community at all times. It is not something unfamiliar to me to run a public training course and have three or four different Excel versions used by various class participants.

As a specialist, I have always had to discover the oldest version of Excel that the client is likely to use and make sure that I am not using any features or functions in the model that will not work in their version of Excel.

Users with perpetual licenses understandably become impatient because they do not have access to new features that they have seen or heard of or cannot see, use, or see the new features that later versions have included in the model.

When the upgrade finally happens, the updates that some eagerly await can cause confusion and frustration for others, either because they do not like the sudden new look or can not find what they are looking for.

Benefits of Microsoft Excel Cloud

  • Improved user productivity (user friendly)
  • Ability to access documents from any device or location
  • Easily share papers with colleagues
  • 1 TB storage with OneDrive
  • Quickly recover data from the cloud if you lose your computer, or it crashes, etc.

Efficiency is so essential to business. The ability to collaborate, create, and communicate seamlessly makes any organization more efficient. Access to productivity tools that allow people to do their jobs more efficiently – and from anywhere – makes organizations agile and will enable them to compete in their sector.

Office 365 is a Microsoft productivity package with Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and more. Because Office 365 is cloud-based, the entire experience can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, as long as they are online.

The tools in Office 365 complement each other and work seamlessly together, so it is a must for any business.

Disadvantages of Office 365

  • Because this is a cloud-based service, there is a possibility of interruptions if something happens to the Office 365 cloud services
  • Easy access from multiple devices/locations can also pose security risks if users do not follow best security practices


The rapid tech world is moving towards the cloud and mobile computers. Most users have access to mobile devices, i.e., smartphones and tablets and high-speed internet.

Most software companies have used this powerful cloud and mobile computing technology to develop mobile applications that increase productivity.

Office 365 is a robust version of cloud-based Microsoft Office that includes cloud-based Excel. Microsoft 365 cloud lets you access, create, and edit Excel cloud documents from multiple devices and locations.

Excel for Office 365 dramatically improves your productivity because you can work from anywhere in the world.