5 Great Free Email Providers for Your Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes
5 Great Free Email Providers for Your Business
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The criteria for selecting the best email providers can vary from one business to another business. Some need more email accounts; some may prefer their email address; for some, email storage is the decision-maker, and some may choose a free email service provider due to budget constraints.

Choose one with inadequate protection, and you may lose sensitive business data.

Many providers play by their own rules, providing multiple free email accounts, 5GB to 15GB free storage, cloud storage, email encryption, and more.

They use different spam filters and designs and make the messages look different in the inboxes. Some email providers may not charge you for email accounts per month or user, or they may provide unlimited storage.


Gmail is Google’s email service and, over time, has evolved into one of the most secure and versatile email services available. Once you sign in to Gmail, you will start enjoying 15 GB of free email space and get some valuable features that make organizing easier. All email chains are included in chats so you can quickly locate related messages and replies.

Gmail also has a powerful filtering system that lets you automatically send your emails to different folders upon arrival. This is Google. Gmail also has a powerful search option for searching specific emails.


Many people are familiar with Microsoft Outlook as a Microsoft Office email client component but may not be aware of the full-featured email service available from Outlook.com. Outlook.com is a rebranding of Microsoft’s Hotmail, a classic email provider from earlier days on the Internet.

Microsoft has completely refurbished it into one of the most helpful email providers available, with many features for running your business.

It is vital to remember that Microsoft is not a good email backup provider, so you should consider acquiring a backup provider that can fit your needs to have a proper Office 365 backup.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a service aimed at professionals who need additional features to enhance their workflows, such as advanced search and detailed bookmarking. A free Zoho Mail account includes 5 GB of space and can be expanded with an upgrade. Zoho also has an integrated Zoho Chat instant messenger and can connect to Google Docs and several available Zoho applications.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is one of the oldest, most established free email services today, and it has several impressive features.

A free email account with Yahoo! Mail gives you unlimited storage space and the ability to send attachments up to 50 files in one email (or up to 100 MB in total size). You can organize your emails into folders as you see fit and even have a built-in sorting option set up from the start.

AOL Mail

AOL (America Online) was one of the first Internet service providers. Today, AOL Mail stands out as an excellent choice for anyone in need of easy-to-use free email with tons of space. AOL Mail comes with unlimited storage, exceptional security, and potent spam filters.

It also offers integrations with social networking, calendar, and more.