How to Sign In With Office 365

Reading Time: 4 minutes
How to Sign In With Office 365
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Office 365 works best when everyone on the team has an Office 365 account – and your account is all about you in Office 365. It’s your unique guidance towards success, and when it comes to working in the cloud, your identity and security are essential.

It does not matter if you share mailboxes, files, or responsibilities with another person, as all this can be taken into account and easily configured. The bottom line is, you need to have your own Office 365 login. Microsoft provides two types of accounts, and there are personal accounts and accounts for work or school.

Anyway, these are not the only two names that carry these accounts. Personal accounts are also named as Live IDs or Microsoft Accounts, and work or school accounts are also labeled as Office 365 accounts, Organizational accounts, or even Azure Active Directory accounts. But basically, Personal Accounts are consumer accounts, and you use them to log in to consumer-level services, such as regular Skype, Xbox Live, or

Work or school bills are bills given to you by your job or school. And you will primarily use them to sign in to Office 365 services. The hard part is that these two accounts can be used to log in to the same applications and services, and you are able to have the equivalent email address linked with both types of accounts.

Logging in to Office 365 for the very first time

If you use a personal or self-managed device, you will be asked to sign in the first time you launch Office 365, and you will be periodically asked to do this to confirm your right to use the application. This time, I explain about logging in from a personal computer or a laptop.

  • Opening a web browser (e.g., Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera), go to their official website.
  • If you only want to log in to email, you can go to
  • Enter your username
  • Click Next
  • Enter your initial password
  • Click Sign In
  • You shall be instructed to change your password
  • Enter the initial password you just entered
  • Then submit a new password that you want to change
  • To create a strong password, your new password must be longer than seven characters and a combination of numbers, letters, uppercase, and lowercase. For more information on choosing a good password, see the Office 365 Password Policy Recommendations.
  • Confirm your new password by submitting it again
  • Then click on Sign in
  • Choose if you prefer to stay signed in or not.
  • You can click on Yes if this is a computer you do not share with anyone.
  • Else click No

What’s included in the Office 365 package

Install Office for PC or Mac

Install Office at the top of the portal – this may not be common for most people, although if you have an Office 365 account that gives you desktop versions of Office, and click “Install Now” and there you have it on your PC or Mac.

Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks

The first three tabs Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks, are your email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. You can work with them through the browser or Outlook or on your phone or tablet.


OneDrive for Business is your storage of files in the cloud and is private to you, although you can share things from it.


SharePoint Online is under Sites. SharePoint sites are places where your team can collaborate on projects and share information.


Next is Yammer. This is a social network for your business and is just like internal Facebook.

Power BI

If you have registered for the Power BI plugin, you will also see it on the portal. Power BI Pro costs extra, although if understanding the data is essential to your business, it’s worth it. The free version also lets you achieve a lot.


Delve is your Office 365 browser, and it also helps you discover what everyone in Office 365 is working on.


Think of Office 365 Video as an internal YouTube video that you can use for training videos, meeting videos, or any video that needs to stay internal.

Office Online

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote are online versions of Office programs that you can use to work on your files online, even if you do not have Office installed.


Sway is quite similar to PowerPoint. Use it to present information in ways that look good on all devices.

How Often Will I Be Prompted to log in to Office 365?

Rarely, if ever, will you need to authenticate by logging in in two steps when using an application on your PC or smartphone to access Office 365. You may be prompted when you install a new copy of the software.

You will only be asked to complete a two-step login if you usually log in to Outlook on the Internet. If you have selected Stay Sign In, you will only be prompted when you switch to another browser or device.

Signing up for Office 365 in two steps will not change how often you are required to log in to Office 365.

How To Use Multiple Microsoft Accounts With Office 365

Office 365 Business Accounts

Now, if you’re at work, you probably won’t want to link any personal accounts, just your O365 business account.

Once you have logged in with your business credentials, you will want to link to or add both your SharePoint pages and your ODB (OneDrive for Business). Do this in the behind-the-scenes view – look for related services at the bottom.

Office 365 Personal Accounts

If you have an Office 365 Home ($99/year subscription service), you can add multiple Microsoft accounts to your desktop applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

For my situation, I work from home, so I do not mind having my O365 business accounts and personal O365 accounts all together on one computer. I have three accounts at this workstation, and I can switch between them if I want.


Logging in to your Office 365 account may sometimes not be what you planned. However, you will remain logged in to Office unless specifically logged out; if you do, you will be instructed to log in once again with your password/MFA credentials.