Most Frequent Issues With Office 365 You Need to Know

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Most Frequent Issues With Office 365 You Need to Know
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Microsoft 365 has gained a great position as a platform for collaboration and productivity by providing splendid features and great functionality, but still, it has dozens of issues with Office 365.

The Office 365 cloud platform is also very secure for data. It enables users to store and edit enterprise-level data and allows them to share and collaborate through advanced collaboration tools and applications, regardless of their geographical location.

Office 365 has made quite a reputation as a cloud productivity package for businesses. With several subscription plans, flexible pricing, and a host of features that allow users to collaborate, communicate, and access their important documents as a team, Office 365 is a must-have for organizations looking to increase productivity and maintain efficiency.

But as with any software, you may occasionally run into problems. A few years ago, several users appeared on online forums to point out some Office 365 issues when logging in and to activate. While Microsoft is fixing these, users may still have problems with the login, account refund, and activation.

Many problems can be fixed on the client-side. If you encounter a problem in Office 365 that your vendor can only fix, Microsoft will release an update to try to resolve any known issues as soon as possible.

The crucial thing to remember is that not all problems are caused by errors or improper coding of the seller’s location. The most likely option is for the Office 365 problem to occur and be fixed on the client side.

In this article, we at will introduce you to some of the most common Office 365 problems and how you can fix them.

Most Frequent Issues With Office 365 You Need to Know

Issue no.1 – Ownership Limits

Office 365 is owned by Microsoft and is physically hosted in Microsoft Data Centers, and is only accessible to authorized Microsoft specialists. Microsoft also provides full support and maintenance for Office 365.

For example, if you have a workflow performance issue, you need to resolve it with Microsoft support. Their response may take some time, so you may not be able to solve the problem right away. In addition, Microsoft decides when to introduce updates and launch new features.

It means that, unlike your on-premises solution, which can be static for many years, your Office 365 solution will change whether you like it or not.

Issue no.2 – Synchronization errors with Microsoft 365

First, let us explain the problem with Microsoft 365 Sync. When you open any Microsoft 365 application, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, the recently added files must appear in each application each time you open it. However, if this does not happen, there are problems with the synchronization with Microsoft 365.

Well, that’s rare with desktop versions; Mobile users often face this problem a lot. In such cases, you should close the application immediately and reopen it.

However, if the problem persists, it means that the file has never been synced with OneDrive, which means that your operating system is not adequately connected to the Internet. So, check your internet connection and check if there are any files.

Issue no.3 – Issue with Office 365 Outlook

Check your Outlook connection settings if you use Microsoft Office 365 Outlook as a standalone email client and cannot send or receive email messages. Make sure you have entered the correct Office 365 username and password.

Check the POP3 and SMTP settings for connecting to Microsoft mail servers (server addresses, ports, encryption, authentication). If IMAP is used, check the IMAP settings.

Issue no.4 – It is not easy to migrate to Microsoft 365

While all other known Office 365 issues can be resolved quickly, performing a Microsoft 365 migration is definitely one of the most dangerous occurrences for users. While performing the migration process to or from Microsoft 365, users face many difficulties, such as:

  • Migrate all types of data – Data exchange, SharePoint data, OneDrive data, IMAP data, etc.
  • Challenges in performing migration using manual methods
  • Request for technical migration experts
  • Need for selective migration
  • Ambiguity is an assessment of migration time and feasibility
  • Find an excellent professional Office 365 migration tool
  • Grant users the right to mimic mailboxes

With these barriers, it is almost impossible for non-technical users to migrate to Microsoft 365.

Issue no.5 – Login issues

You may encounter a login problem when you try to log in to your Office 365 personal Microsoft account. It usually happens when you enter the wrong login credentials and thus shows the error:

“We are unable to recognize this user ID or password”

There is a possibility to enter the wrong username or wrong password. Make sure CAPS LOCK is turned off and check the spelling of the password you are trying to enter. Because passwords are sensitive to minor changes, you should not copy your passwords from anywhere (such as text files, Skype chats) instead of manually entering them.

Microsoft account recovery form can be performed via recovery assistant. On the other hand, Microsoft remote connectivity analyzer grants an online repair and data protection to regain access. It also can be achieved with the aid of a service provider.

Another possible reason is that your administrator changed your password without informing you. It would be best to ask him to give you credentials that will allow you to log in.

Issue no.6 – Security Troubles

Security is a primary and essential requirement for every user. But still, security is the main reason companies delay their cloud venture.

Security issues are among the issues of Office 365. While MS facilitates the highly skilled Office 365 security provided through physical protection, built-in security features, and client controls, organizations are constantly afraid of losing their critical data stored in the cloud. Usually, Office 365 is a significant target for cybercriminals who conduct inappropriate activities to disrupt specific deployments.

Exchange Online is still the most prominent target for hackers to steal essential and valuable corporate information and private data from subscribers’ emails.


Microsoft 365 has consistently uplifted businesses to move to the cloud since its launch in 2011. While it provides multiple subscription plans, affordable pricing, and a suite of Office apps that allow users to interact and collaborate, Microsoft 365 still lacks it at times.

Undoubtedly, Office 365 is a helpful platform for organizations, but users may face some problems. Some known Office 365 issues are examined above.

Yet, it is necessary to understand the common problems with Office 365 and how they can be solved. In this article, we have highlighted the most common issues with Office 365 users so that you will be aware of the Microsoft Office 365 boundaries.