Managed Office 365 Services for Smooth Operations

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managed office 365
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Managed Office 365 services help get the most out of your Office 365 IT infrastructure. In today’s world, the only way to stay competitive is to use the latest technologies. For companies looking to improve productivity, collaboration, and maximize company resources, Office applications do that.

Microsoft Office offers professional cloud management services that take your company to the next level. But implementing these services can be rather tricky. Microsoft isn’t a company that makes it easy for you to implement Office 365 applications. So you can enlist managed services to do it for you.

Managed Office 365 services pair you with a dedicated team to digitally transform your company to the cloud. So let’s explain what exactly you’re getting with third-party managed services for Office 365.

What Exactly Is Managed Office 365?

Office 365 is a powerful collaboration tool that includes Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, and many more. As mentioned previously, installing these applications is one thing. But integrating them into business operations is another. Not only that but every company is responsible for updating, managing, and upgrading the Office 365 suite.

With that in mind, the task at hand can be difficult for companies without an IT department. That’s where managed services come in. With a third-party service, companies get support in more than one way.

Not only do third-party managed services help with installation, updating, and upgrading the Office 365 suite, but they’re also responsible for security monitoring of the enterprise solution. Take full advantage of these benefits and pair with experts who will spearhead the digital transformation of your business.

With that said, let’s dive deeper into what exactly these services offer.

Benefits Of Managed Services for Office 365

Pairing with third-party managed services for Office 365 will enable smooth operations. Here is how.

Deploy Office 365 the Right Way

Office 365 can be intimidating. Not only that, but it can also be quite expensive. Office 365 offers new tools to your business; tools that will transform collaboration and productivity. However, it’s important to deploy Office 365 the right way.

What do we mean by that? Microsoft offers several subscriptions for businesses that want to transform digitally. There’s an Office subscription for businesses, enterprises, remote workers, etc. How would you know which one is the right for you?

A managed service provider can help you decide which subscription is the right for you. Not only that, but it will deploy the Office applications the right way. This means they’ll take the burden of installing applications and integrating services within your organization.

That way, you’re minimizing the chances and scenarios of a faulty deployment.

Enhance Data Security and Security Monitoring

Microsoft says that data loss prevention is your responsibility. Data protection is a serious subject that every company must take seriously. Managed Office 365 services will enhance data security by enabling secure access to company resources.

This takes data governance to a sustainable level. On top of that, managed services give you insight into Office 365 and continuous monitoring of end-user workload. These services scan the entire Office suite for sophisticated threats and alert of potential breaches.

With a third-party solution, rest assured by knowing that critical data is protected.

Easy To Scale and Downgrade

Scalability is one of the most intimidating factors that directly points to your ability to maintain operations. Businesses that fail to scale the right way ultimately end up going bust. Since Microsoft Office 365 is a product where companies pay for each individual user, it’s natural to assume that scalability won’t be an issue.

However, Office 365 management services can assist you even with the most trivial tasks of scaling and downgrading the Office license. They look at your businesses and can assist with meeting your growth needs. And subsequently, help you downgrade the license should you need to.

Meet All Of Your Held Desk Needs

As stated previously, Office 365 can be intimidating software. Companies often contact Microsoft for support and assistance.

But with managed services, you get that as a bonus. Most managed services offer help desk services as an option. Should you want it, they will be there to assist you and your employees on all issues Office-related.

These services have dedicated help desk teams willing to handle end-user issues such as login issues, connection problems, sync problems, etc. The whole point of help deks for Office 365 is to provide support for all Office applications. That goes beyond the native Office apps.

Improve Employee Experience

Office 365 is a collaboration and productivity tool that millions of companies use it. Between the United States and European Countries, more than a million companies use Office 365 products.

Microsoft is a pioneer in this regard. There are no other services like the one Microsoft offers. You’ll be surprised how much effort the company puts into making Office apps better. But every now and then, Microsoft will release an update, and you’ll wonder where your calendars went.

The point is that not every employee is tech-savvy. While most employees will easily find their way around new software, not everyone will. It can take time for these employees to get up to speed with the latest version of Microsoft Teams or Outlook.

That’s where managed Office 365 services come in. They are there to assist you and keep up with new improvements, updates, and critical changes to Office software.


Managed services for Office 365 is an all-in-one package that assists you with everything Office 365-related. These solutions offer vital services to every company that uses the Office suite.

So it makes sense to use a solution that can streamline all user-end issues and questions, provide Office deployment assistance, and a host of additional benefits.