Microsoft 365 Apps For Your Business

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Microsoft 365 Apps
Reading Time: 4 minutes

With Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, you can ignite the process of reaping off the benefits of famous Microsoft Office 365 applications from your PC, Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablets, and smartphones as well.

You get most versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher because Microsoft 365 apps update is set on automatic. You can also save up to 1 TB of your files in OneDrive, share them online with your team, and let them edit or modify them.

Shared files are stored on the Internet and are automatically updated with the latest changes made from anywhere.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office is a three decades old product line, with early versions essentially combining Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a discount package.

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), which has been available since 2011, differs from the old-fashioned package in two ways: First, it is sold as a subscription (charged monthly or annually), not as a perpetual one-time fixed license.

Plus, it combines a suite of online services, including cloud storage, business-class email, and secure communication tools, along with traditional desktop applications.

The advantage of the Microsoft Office 365 package is that Microsoft provides cloud service, thus eliminating the company’s IT maintenance tasks, such as patching costs and infrastructure support.

An advantage is an access to Office 365 offerings using any device, anywhere, with an Internet connection for end-users. By logging in to Office 365, users access Office applications, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Yammer, Skype for Business (Lync), and OneDrive for Business.

Office 365 provides one-of-a-kind features for staff, faculty, and students to improve productivity and academic success.

Top Microsoft Apps for Business

Each business worldwide requires a particular set of apps and tools that can ease any working process and add value to the entire operation.

Here is the list of Office 365 apps:


Microsoft Outlook Express is a scaled-down version of the Microsoft Outlook software family.

For the first time, it was introduced in Windows 98 and later included in each version of Windows. Later, with the introduction of Windows Vista, Microsoft found Windows Mail.

Microsoft Outlook is a commercial product available as a standalone version or part of the Microsoft Office suite. This program is more fully equipped with better corporate support and capabilities not found in the free edition.


OneDrive is a Microsoft storage service for hosting files in the cloud. It’s available for free to all Microsoft account owners, and OneDrive offers an easy way to store, sync, and share files.

Windows 10 uses OneDrive to sync system settings, visuals, themes, application settings, even Microsoft Edge tabs, browsing history, and saved passwords.


Each one of us is familiar with Microsoft Word. It was one of the first software that was utilized in school and from a young age.

Microsoft Word is included in all Microsoft Office suites. The most basic (and least expensive) suites include Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. There are additional suites, and they have other Office programs, such as Microsoft Outlook and Skype for Business.


Excel is commonly used to organize data and perform financial analysis and used in all business functions and companies, from small to large.

The main uses of Excel include:

  • Data entry
  • Data management
  • Accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Mapping and graphing
  • Programming
  • Time management
  • Task management
  • Financial modeling
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Almost everything, i.e., anything that needs to be organized


Microsoft PowerPoint is a professional presentation tool that has been around for decades, and it has several features that make it an excellent presentation tool.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software. PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office, which also includes applications such as Excel and Microsoft Word. Along with the latest versions, it is also used for graphic design, image editing, 3D modeling, etc.

Publisher (PC only)

Microsoft Publisher lets you work just as efficiently as Microsoft Word, but instead of using text tools, you’ll use page layout and visual content editing tools.

Some examples include:

  • Personalized birthday cards
  • Event posters
  • Newsletters for small businesses and organizations
  • Professional business cards
  • Flyers and programs
  • Postcards and brochures

Access (PC only)

With the aid of Microsoft, users who utilize Access can effectively handle crucial data by storing it for future usability, analyzing, and reporting. Users do have access to information in their database without any great effort, as the name Access suggests by itself.

Features of Microsoft 365 Business Applications

The latest office suite

With Microsoft 365 suite, you will perpetually have access to the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher. Its apps also give you a wide selection of inputs – a regular keyboard, a stylus, or a touch screen – to get the most out of it.

Enjoy Office 365 Online

All you need is a Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel document creation and editing browser. You can save and share these files over the Internet in real-time with anyone from anywhere, and Microsoft 365 Business Apps make collaboration easy.

1 TB Save and share files

Microsoft 365 Business Applications comes with OneDrive Business, providing 1 TB of cloud storage for each user. Files that are stored on OneDrive can be accessed from any location and synced with desktops and laptops for offline use.

Improved Excel capabilities

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business makes it easy to format information in Excel files. It features tools that recognize and remember input data types as your specific schema, resulting in fast, automatic termination of cells.

Use Office 365 on computers, tablets, and smartphones

Completely installed Office 365 across devices, including PCs, laptops, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. One user gets five installations per device type – PCs/laptops/Macs, tablets, and smartphones – a total of 15 structures.

Intensified marketing use

You can now extract content from your PDF files and embed them directly into your Word documents. It helps you to easily create and customize marketing collaterals and branding materials for all your clients.

Reliability and security

Microsoft 365 comes with Microsoft confidence to make services available with a 99.9% guaranteed on time through financially supported service level agreements (SLAs). Your data remains secure under five layers of security.

Collaborate using the Microsoft Teams platform

With Microsoft Teams, we are able to send and receive IMs (instant messages) to our colleagues and collaborators in the organization. You can also create meetings with audio or audio-visual experiences only. Collaborate from anywhere, anytime on any device.


All of these Microsoft applications are automatically updated with the latest features and capabilities constantly. Your business is eager to use any of the Microsoft Business Applications presented here in this post.

Applications are constantly updated so that they are never outdated. And any user can install Microsoft Office 365 on multiple devices so they can work from virtually anywhere.