What is Microsoft 365 Personal?

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microsoft 365 personal
Reading Time: 4 minutes

In April 2020, Microsoft changed its Office 365 Personal and Home plans to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family. The names are different, but Microsoft has also added new up to date features to the plans while keeping the same price.

The Microsoft 365 Personal Plan is the same as the Family Plan. You get the same applications and features. The only distinction is that you can only use it with one Microsoft account. You can still install Office apps on unlimited devices, but you can only be active on five devices at a time.

You can now use the Personal Plan with other family members, but keep in mind that you only have one account. So both family members have access to duplicate files and emails in Outlook.

If you need to share it with your spouse, this can work perfectly and save you a few bucks. I would not recommend sharing it with your children. Then the risk of data loss may be too significant.

About Microsoft

The Internet will mistakenly lead you to believe that Microsoft’s culmination was when Bill Gates made a vertical leap over a piece of office furniture.

As impressive as it may have been, Microsoft’s true legacy revolves around three things: the Windows operating system, Xbox game consoles, and the development of one of the most secure, widely used, and recognizable office suites ever.

Microsoft 365 runs on any central device or operating system, and as long as you can connect to the Internet, you have internet access required to all of your email and files. Stay connected to applications that are updated in real-time while making changes.

Web and mobile applications are limited compared to desktop versions, but you can still do the basic tasks and more. Arrange documents, presentations, and invoices on the go. Everyone is in a cycle with multiple channels for engaging colleagues and clients with the aid of robust office desktop apps.

PC users always welcome additional benefits for convenient subscription benefits.

Microsoft 365 personal vs. family

Both subscriptions are made for different people, and there are slight differences in the features that you get with each subscription. Here are some critical differences between the Microsoft Family safety app and Microsoft 365 Personal plans:

The number of people

One of the most significant differences between Microsoft 365 Family and Microsoft 365 Personal is the number of people authorized on each subscription. Microsoft 365 Personal, as the name implies, is for a single person. It can be installed on one device and operated by one person. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 Family allows up to 6 installations.

So, it can be installed on six different devices, making it perfect for a family that can share licenses and does not want to pay extra for special permissions.

OneDrive storage

Both personal and family devices come with OneDrive memory. However, Personal Users will only get 1 TB of space and their subscription, which one person can use.

On the other hand, family users will get 6 TB of space, divided into six users, and each gets 1 TB of space.

Features and services of Personal and Family plans

The following are the features and services that are common between the two subscriptions and will be available to all paying customers regardless of the plan:

Office applications

Both subscriptions come with all Office applications and include premium office apps and services such as Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, the Teams consumer personal edition, and the new Family Safety application.

Microsoft Editor

Microsoft recently released its artificial intelligence editor, and both plans include a free subscription to Microsoft Editor.

OneDrive cloud storage

Both plans include a OneDrive subscription, but the Personal Plan will only get you 1 TB, while the Family Plan will bring you 6 TB (divided into six people).


The Skype user version is included in the subscription, but Microsoft also has 60 minutes of free Skype calls per month.

The primary applications of the package – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – have been growing and changing for almost forty years. They are packed with features that make them look cumbersome and awkward compared to relative newcomers.

When it comes to designing Microsoft Office individual applications, the company has outdone itself. Microsoft still uses one application, Outlook, for email, contacts, calendar, and to-do functions. Other vendors, such as Google and Apple, have broken down into smaller, sleeker applications that work seamlessly together.

Microsoft continues to improve the ongoing tech support for dark mode, and the latest improvements include subtle color-changing effects. These are available in beta and will probably arrive in the release version soon. They are easy on the eyes, highly customizable, and offer a spacious interface that feels like home in modern hardware in paths that rival applications do not.

Another trick is that if you change a setting, such as the standard color scheme on one platform, the change automatically applies to all of your Microsoft applications on other platforms.

How much does Microsoft 365 Personal cost?

The prices can vary on a monthly or yearly basis in order to access documents stored.

Subscription account prices begin from $69.99 per year for Microsoft 365 Personal, including access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Skype applications for a single user on up to five devices.

You are also getting Sway for interactive reports and presentations, survey and quiz forms, and the Microsoft To-Do app. Moreover, the $99.99 Microsoft 365 Family per year level provides access to the same applications.

However, the premium office apps of the Microsoft Family package are also included in this subscription level. The prices are roughly comparable to Google Workspace, which changes between $6 and $12 a month for business startup and business standard plans, respectively.

Microsoft prices are significantly higher than SoftMaker Office, which costs between $29.90 and $49.90 per year. Still, SoftMaker does not include web-based applications and only offers a beta version of the Android application.


Microsoft 365 Personal is a paid subscription that gives you access to Microsoft 365 software applications—formerly known as Office 365 Personal.

Microsoft 365 Personal makes it easy to use Office products, OneDrive, Outlook, and Skype for non-commercial purposes. Additionally, you can use Microsoft 365 in a web browser to do not have to install anything on your PC or Mac. All their devices, whether exclusively PC or exclusively Mac users are granted extra online storage. For multiple PCs, the compatible versions require internet regularly to a separate app installation.

There is another advancement – if you already purchased Microsoft 365 Personal, you can visit the Microsoft 365 My Account page to install Microsoft 365 in other languages.