What’s New in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap Today?

Reading Time: 4 minutes
microsoft 365 roadmap
Reading Time: 4 minutes

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap is a convenient tool that tells you exactly what the Microsoft development teams are working on. Microsoft provides free access to its roadmap and outlines when upcoming features will be implemented into the Office 365 products.

Considering the abundance of applications and tools in Office/Microsoft 365, we can use the 365 roadmap to gain valuable insight into what to expect next. For example, Microsoft plans to introduce features for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Lists, MS Outlook, and every other Microsoft 365 license product shortly.

But with the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, we have a rough idea of what to expect and when to expect it. Because of that, we figured to take a look at their roadmap and update you on what Microsoft has in-store today.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap – What to Expect?

There are 1035 fully released updates for Microsoft 365 until today. Microsoft also plans on rolling out 132 updates, with a further 493 still in development. So, let’s see if there are any recent updates out and what Microsoft plans to add in the future.

Text Prediction for Microsoft Teams

Text prediction for Microsoft Teams is the first update to hit the Microsoft Teams application. This update will affect composing or replying to messages in MS Teams when using your smartphone. Microsoft understands that some people must quickly respond to or compose new messages while on their smartphones.

This update will make it more convenient to do that. However, there is no exact date when the update will be out.

Multi-Language Meetings in Microsoft Teams

This update will allow administrators to set up meetings in multiple languages for mobile, desktop, and web. The MS Teams administrator can create a new meeting and specify the language of the meeting. Microsoft plans a similar update across all Microsoft products.

The update is currently in the General Availability phase.

Microsoft Search for Outlook

Microsoft search is a feature that allows you to search for specific queries inside a specific Microsoft application. The particular update relates to MS Outlook, where users can search for specific files, attachments, people, company topics, and events in Outlook. The update is designed only for the desktop version of MS outlook and is currently in development.

New Task Pane for Queries in Excel Spreadsheets

This update only applies to the web version of Microsoft Excel. It will allow users to view queries and query groups in Excel spreadsheets. The update has been in development since March 2022.

Flexibility With New SharePoint App Bar

This update is currently being rolled out and should be up soon. The update will allow you to use the SharePoint app bar to create SharePoint sites, files, and lists regardless of where you find yourself in SharePoint Online.

Microsoft Viva Insights

The latest version of Microsoft Viva makes it possible to care more for the well-being of your employees through Microsoft Viva Insights. The update is meant to make your digital workplace more effective by being able to schedule breaks. More so, it allows you to address the increasing stress of remote working.

The dynamic gallery view update for Microsoft Lists will allow you to choose how your documents and lists appear by using built-in forms with custom headers and footers. The update will apply to MS Lists web and education version and is currently in the General Availability phase.

Add File Attachments to Microsoft Project

The update will allow users to add file attachments to any project on MS Project. You can also add links to specific tasks. Although released, the update is going through a revamp to improve the functionality.

By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Microsoft plans to flesh out Microsoft Search and enable organizations better access to users’ profiles and their information on them. With this update, organizations can find the right skilled workers for the task at hand and have Microsoft Search suggest the right people for the job. With this update, Microsoft addresses one of the most important aspects of a project manager’s job.

Microsoft Search for Office Mobile

Microsoft plans to add Microsoft Search for Office Mobile and allow users to search for files, notes, media, templates, documents, attachments, and live events, across all Office applications and multiple devices.

The update will use Microsoft Intelligence and make content management seamless. The update is currently in the General Availability phase and only for the web Office version.

Transcription for Microsoft Teams 1:1 Calls

With the transcription update for 1:1 calls on MS Teams, organizations get a full transcription of a call made in MS Teams. This gives organizations more flexibility in capturing data and information to keep track of notes. The update will release soon and is currently being tested.

Another MS Excel update will allow you to add hyperlinks to specific comments made in Excel. The update is in the Current Channel phase and will apply to the desktop version of MS Excel.

Keep Track of Tasks in Excel Using Mentions

The update looks to improve the poor task tracking capabilities of MS Excel. With this update, you can use @mentiones in Excel comments to assign, keep track, and create new tasks in the spreadsheet.


That concludes everything new in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. With plenty of patches scheduled and ready to roll, Microsoft doesn’t stop from making Microsoft 365 the best productivity and collaboration tool for businesses.

Are you excited about some of the updates planned for the future? If so, which of the Microsoft 365 Roadmap update are you most excited about?