Microsoft Family Office

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Microsoft Family Office
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Microsoft Family Office is a convenient subscription for up to 6 people. You can use premium applications for productivity. One of the best things is to get up to 6 TB of cloud space. This means that there is 1 TB of storage space allocated to each person.

With this subscription, you get increased creativity. Suggestions for editing and writing are offered in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can explore layout, design, and color options in PowerPoint. In addition, there is advanced online advanced security for all devices.

As a subscriber, you get access to the intelligent help features and top content in each application.

OneDrive lets you access and shares files and photos. The detection and recovery of ransomware protect the files to ensure advanced security.

The most critical files are provided with a two-step check-in OneDrive’s safe. It has easy access to new features as soon as they come out. You can contact support for free by phone or chat through your subscription.

You can get a Microsoft 365 Family subscription on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

If you have a sheer number of people in your household who want to use Microsoft Office, the Microsoft Office 365 family plan is a fantastic deal. An individual plan costs $70 a year, which means that for just $30 more, you are able to add up to five more people to the plan.

The best thing is that each member gets access to 1DB of cloud storage on OneDrive.

Once you get the Microsoft 365 Family Plan, it may be a challenge to learn how to allow family members to access Microsoft Office. We will make it easier for you.

How to add people to your Microsoft 365 family plan

  • First, open your browser, visit the Microsoft 365 Web site, sign in with your account, and visit the Family Account Sharing page by clicking the “Sharing” tab. On the “Sharing” page, click “Start Sharing”.
  • You can invite people by sending an invitation email or an invitation link. To use the email route, click “Invite via email”.
  • Enter the email address and click “Invite”.
  • Alternatively, you can click “Invite via link” to generate an invitation link.
  • When you see a link on the screen, right-click on the copy icon.

Once the link is copied, you can send it to anyone who uses email, messaging apps, or any other method you prefer.

How to check who uses your Microsoft 365 family plan

If you want to check who uses your Microsoft 365 Family Plan, open your browser and revisit the Microsoft Account Sharing page. Scroll down to the section below the “Start Sharing” button.

There, you will see who you are sharing the Microsoft 365 Family Plan with. If you need to take away someone from your family plan, click ‘Stop Sharing’ next to their name.

Similarly, you will see them on this page if you have created invitation links. Click Delete Link if you do not want people to use those links to join your Microsoft 365 family.

And that’s it! The link will be deleted. You will need to click “Delete” again to confirm the action.

Essential tips for setting up and using your Microsoft 365 Family subscription:

  • Every year a new product key should be requested from your site. Manage my benefits on the Microsoft Alumni Network website.
  • If your Microsoft 365 Family subscription plan is about to expire, you will receive expiration notifications from Microsoft. These notifications will last until you request the new subscription key from your Manage My Benefits page and type it into your Microsoft 365 Family account.
  • Turn off recurring billing to make sure you will not be charged for Microsoft 365 Family in the future. Turn off periodic charging here.
  • Your Microsoft 365 Family subscription is not associated with your Alumni Network renewal date. The Microsoft 365 subscription is now valid for one year after the activation.

How to share your Microsoft 365 Family subscription

  • First, you need to install your Microsoft 365 Family subscription on your primary device prior to sharing it with friends and family.
  • Then, examine how to share your Microsoft 365 Family subscription with friends and family.
  • Updating your Microsoft 365 family subscription with friends and family with whom you already share a subscription.

About Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is definitely one of the few software platforms that can claim to be truly timeless. However, even timeless technology can use an upgrade, and Microsoft often provides that.

If you’ve recently upgraded your system or intend to do so, you may be wondering: what is Microsoft Office 365? Is it worth replacing the old system? The main difference between Microsoft Office 365 and the software giant’s previous offerings is the subscription service.

It provides the same productivity tools you wanted, and then some. The move to subscription format coincides with the company’s decision to move the software to the cloud. Provides seamless collaboration opportunities that other companies first used to hunt down Microsoft customers.

The regular Office 365 user gets access to thousands of photos, templates, icons, and fonts in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. For the same price, you get more benefits.

In order to benefit from Office apps and related cloud services, 3 Microsoft 365 plans are available by default:

  • Microsoft 365 Family
  • Microsoft 365 Personal
  • Office Home & Student 2019

Microsoft 365 Personal makes your professional life more creative, orderly, and secure. Like the Microsoft 365 Family, Microsoft 365 Personal provides access to top productivity applications.

The Office Home & Student 2019 version comes with the classic versions of Office applications installed on PC or Mac.

The premium Office apps are also available along with cloud storage per person.

The Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

When you buy a subscription, you get:

  • 1 TB free cloud storage via OneDrive
  • The right to install the software on multiple devices, such as tablets and phones
  • Updated versions of Microsoft Office applications, such as Outlook, Excel, and Word
  • Special upgrades and updates are not available for other clients

Microsoft Family Safety app

The new Microsoft Family Safety app is only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers and can help you keep your family safe online and offline. Shares the location of your family members and tracks time spent on the screen of Windows, Android, and Xbox computers.


The Microsoft 365 Family Plan is for non-commercial use and the best plan for family members or households in general. With the Microsoft 365 Family Plan, you assign six users to the same plan.

Each user gets their account, personal memory on OneDrive and Outlook and can install Office applications on their devices (desktop and mobile devices).

The only limitation of the Microsoft family office plan is that each user can only be active on five devices at a time. But that is more than enough.