What Are Microsoft Office Sharing Options

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microsoft office sharing
Reading Time: 5 minutes

One of the benefits of using Microsoft Office sharing is that Microsoft Office 365 can share files and documents with other people. Whether you want someone else to browse, edit or collaborate on one of your files in real-time, Office gives you the options you need.

But the file-sharing process can be clumsy and difficult to manage. Thereby, Microsoft promises several significant changes to make file sharing more intuitive.

File sharing tools included in Office 365

The two file-sharing systems in Office 365 are SharePoint Online and OneDrive, and they work in tandem with each other to provide full file-sharing functionality on the system.

Especially if you send a sharing link from your OneDrive folder, the URL is a link to SharePoint Online. If you cannot get the right pitch, you do not want to be frustrated, so invest in a good capo. That’s a good enough way to imagine how the system works.

Share Office 365 files with internal users

Office 365 users are able to share files with other users in the Azure Active Directory (AD) domain with non-guest permissions. For example, in MS Teams, team members can share files in a private chat or channel, and a OneDrive user can share crucial files with a company colleague. 

Under the cover, all these files are saved in SharePoint. Here are some tips for sharing in Teams:

  • Microsoft Teams has different roles for internal users: owners and members so that both owners and members will see the Files tab in which team they refer to
  • All files stored or shared in a group follow the SharePoint sharing rules and permissions
  • Both owners and members can share any files or pages and even the entire collection of sites with anyone in the organization

On the other hand, Microsoft 365 family sharing page is giving benefits for the entire Microsoft family! The Microsoft 365 family plan lets you acquire Microsoft Office for six people (family members).

Microsoft account brings subscription benefits for the family group. Subscription sharing for an extra cost can lead up to twenty people for your Office files to have their own subscription.

Microsoft 365 family subscription is already proven to be ideal for Microsoft Office sharing options on all your devices where you can install Office. A family member on all their devices can run unique family page features.

Share Office 365 files with external users

Office 365 applications also authorize users to share documents and other files with external users, sellers, business partners, clients, customers, and others outside the organization. More excellent care is needed to ensure that access is adequately provided by external sharing.

The guest access feature is enabled by default for a Microsoft 365 tenant. A Microsoft 365 Group Owner is able to invite anyone with a business or email account to become a guest member of the group. These guest users become real users in your Azure AD, and administrators can give them access to Microsoft Teams chats.

Furthermore, you can set the external access level for the tenant by going to the Microsoft 365 Groups page in the Microsoft 365 Administrator Center. group owners are allowed to invite guest users. SharePoint Online sites, or OneDrive data. Guest users have the same rights to access the files as team members unless specific parameters are set at the front.

Microsoft’s significant improvements to file sharing in Office 365

Set sharing permissions

There is a faster way to set permissions for shared files, a change that was announced last March. Setting file permissions are now available directly from the recipient name field with this enhancement. 

Click the new drop-down menu next to the token, and you can select the permission level, Either edit or Can view. The drop-down menu also displays a connection settings option where you can view and modify permissions for your shared file.

Microsoft Teams shares files with internal and external users

We at OnlineOfficeSetup365.com will indicate four scenarios for collaboration with external users. If you work well with outside collaborators, keep your documents on the organization’s website and add guests who can consult or edit them.

  • Direct conversation
  • Share the whole Microsoft team
  • Set up a meeting with external users
  • Meeting with non-Microsoft team users

Send attachment by email

It is still quite likely to send files as attachments via email. It is considerably more comfortable not to do this and share the link. The document stays in your hands, and anyone can grant it.

Manage access to shared files

See who has access to your shared files. Once you have transferred a file, you will receive visual confirmation of the recipient’s name. That’s why Microsoft is updating this whole feature.

The Share dialog box at the bottom of the Share list will show you all the people with whom you have shared the selected file. You can switch to the Access Management option, which helps you control how other people access your shared files.

Office 365 file-sharing security best practices

Implement the least privileged access to SharePoint Onlinethe principle of least privilege says that every user gets only the minimum access they need to get the job done.

Multi-factor authentication requiredmultifactorial Authentication (MFA) is a reasonably primary protection method in 2019 and a standard cybersecurity tip. Yet, it’s still worth citing Office 365’s best practices for file sharing and security.

Prevent downloads of unused devicesyou need to keep your team’s data as much as possible.

Categorize sensitive data that resides in SharePoint Onlinethe very moment you have marked the files correctly, and you can ensure they are not overly permissible and organized or labeled. Other security tools can also identify the data as sensitive and treat it appropriately.


Office 365 is a powerful collaboration tool, especially now that many people work virtually. Above all, individuals and teams can easily share documents in Office 365.

Cloud collaboration platforms are cognizant of this and providers and administrators with a myriad of diys to manage content sharing. Understanding and using these features correctly can make all the difference in matters such as compliance.

So, Microsoft Office sharing options are multiple, and many benefits come with them. Stay tuned with OnlineOfficeSetup365.com since we will provide more in-depth articles related to Microsoft Office sharing and cloud storage options.