Office 365 User Adoption

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Office 365 User Adoption
Reading Time: 4 minutes

You can now measure whether you are getting a return on your investment and optimize your technology for success with the Office 365 user adoption content package in Power BI.

In addition, Adoption and Change Management (ACM) is essential to ensure that Office 365 implementation is successful and delivers the benefits and profitability of the entire enterprise that your senior stakeholders expect.

A cloud war between Government organizations is bringing Office apps to the very new world where basic tasks for early adopters can secure collaboration. An up-to-date Microsoft Office project team with self-service is what Microsoft 365 adoption needs.

Office 365 offers many opportunities to increase productivity, foster innovation, and transform collaboration. However, Office 365 user adoption often mandates users to discover how and when to use new tools, embrace new behaviors, and earn trust in the digital area.

Critical actions for more suitable Office 365 user adoption

We all apprehend that communication is the key. It will help if you have a wide range of communication plan that speaks to specific groups of users, highlighting the benefits, especially for their roles. It means you can not just shout and expect your workforce to be exemplary.

If you have a task to do this purely because you are on the IT team, you need to clarify that this is not a morally IT challenge; it is a matter of culture and behavior change, which requires a more nuanced approach. Technical expertise is vital to change management, but it should never be the only focus.

Involve and equip your champions

The inclusion of a network of local champions and ambassadors who can shape their messages using scenarios, usage cases, and terminology that make sense for different locations, functions, and teams will make change communications relevant to a diverse workforce.

We have often seen the network of enthusiastic champions make a real difference in the release of Office 365 and help small central digital teams in the workplace achieve more.

Hearing a peer recommendation can also give a message of greater authenticity. At the same time, champions can also provide some local support by answering questions or even performing some training.

Be specific, many times, in different ways

It would be best to have a multi-layered communication strategy covering multiple channels—city halls, team meetings, one-on-one, etc. Finally, your adoption team needs to articulate both the benefits and the needs for the workload.

For example, this means highlighting the benefits of Team Skype for business, rather than simply stating the need for change as Skype slowly dies, and so on.

Use Microsoft 365 to drive usage of Office 365

The Office 365 platform can support some of your Office 365 ACM activities. For example, Yammer groups create great customer or community support groups, while a SharePoint site is an obvious choice for a website with resources focused on learning or knowledge.

Create engaging campaign assets

Creating attractive campaign tools to raise awareness of the launch of Office 365 or some of its component tools such as SharePoint Intranet or Yammer can support change adoption and management efforts. 

Attractive images, imaginative concepts, relevant and related messages, and consistent themes across multiple formats can arouse curiosity, spread information, and even create a prototype.

Benefits of Office 365 user adoption

The Office 365 User Adoption Content Pack in Power BI is essential to your toolkit. Here are the top benefits:

Make the end-user adopt Office 365

Eliminate Office 365 user adoption issues by identifying individuals and teams needing support.

Maximize ROI in Microsoft 365 technology

With responses at your fingertips, you can maximize your investment and showcase the importance of Office 365 to critical stakeholders.

Monitor usage and activity

Product usage and user activity reports help you understand how Office 365 is used in your organization and share insights with business decision-makers.

Discover your champions for collaboration and productivity

Identify your coworkers and productivity champions so they can help their colleagues reap the benefits of Office 365.

Optimize Office 365 licensing

With a monthly activation and licensing notification, you can ensure you are on the right licensing plan for your specific needs.

Tools for Office 365 user adoption

Microsoft Office brings the new technology forward for the financial services industry as cloud services. As Microsoft suggests, cloud storage is vital for businesses to secure sensitive data with an Office 365 backup solution.

An already improved Microsoft Teams delivers excellent communication and collaboration among coworkers. For numerous companies, the demand for rapid transformation during a pandemic has stemmed from taking a mindful approach to instructing users on the latest applications.

Microsoft Teams

Organizations can continue conversations with the improved Microsoft Teams. Through Microsoft Teams, you can chat with other individuals or groups of people and seamlessly transfer the conversation to a virtual meeting.

Integration with other tools like Power Automate, SharePoint, Planner, and Calendar will make Teams a top choice if you choose just one Office 365 application to start with Microsoft cloud.


Organizations can use SharePoint to create secure intranets for storing, organizing, sharing, and collaborating on files and other information. Files and other content stored in SharePoint are securely stored with a version history that captures any edits made to the content.

Power BI

Power BI visualizes data analytics with dashboards. Can link data to other connectors such as CRM, Salesforce, SQL databases, ERP, marketing analytics, and SharePoint to display visual representations.


OneDrive is an Office 365 tool that lets users securely reserve files in the Microsoft cloud and reserves access to these files from multiple devices.


Using the Kanban method `or task management, Microsoft Planner allows users to organize functions in a block formation.


This free-to-use note-taking platform allows the team to record information quickly, make drawings, and save screenshots or audio comments in a shared notebook.

Power Apps

Power Apps data is kept and requires secure authentication to access their forms and data. Power Apps forms are often paired with Power Automate workflows to facilitate business operations.

Power Automate

An organization can create automated business workflow processes using Power Automate. These workflows can include embedded workflows, vacation approvals, document approvals, and structured storage locations.


For quick and easy survey data collection from participants inside or outside the organization, the Forms allows authenticated or non-authenticated users to respond to information requests.


The perpetual appetite for business helps organizations deliver successful Microsoft Office 365 adoption by maximizing return on investment by fostering end-user acceptance, people change, and behavior change with effective change management strategies and practices to adopt new ways at work. 

We at know how vital adoption and change management are to the success of the Office 365 user adoption practice.