How Office 365 Workflows Can Help Transform Business Operations

Reading Time: 2 minutes
How Office 365 Workflows Can Help Transform Business Operations
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Adopting cloud storage and access to information models brings with it a host of benefits, ranging from money-saving features to increased productivity to reducing the margin of error, which ultimately makes business process performance more accurate.

Microsoft Office 365 is an Internet business productivity suite that brings together Microsoft’s various Internet productivity tools like Office 365 Workflows, from email to web applications to communications services, offering hosted versions of Exchange Server, Skype, Office, and SharePoint. Office 365 has become a resounding success.

Business Process Automation Office 365

The workflow definition is a combination of small tasks that can be defined. These tasks are accomplished by a set of activities and events performed by resources to achieve the desired outcome.

Depending on the complexity of the workflow, execution can take from one day to several months.

Workflows Office 365 helps better document collaboration and efficient project task management by conducting business processes of documents and items on the SharePoint site.

Office 365 lets you create workflows that include LOB systems, functional teams, and data sources that provide increased efficiency and usability. From document approval workflows to boarding resource processing to sending payments to vendors – workflows run the day-to-day business, and Office 365 provides a platform to host your workflows.

Workflow and content automation with Office 365 are commonly used in processes in any organization, including feedback collection, document approval, document disposal, and cost reporting.

How Office 365 workflows assist businesses

Plug communication gaps

Office 365 automated workflows reduce the burden of communication and collaboration. This eliminates any miscommunication in the work chain, saves time, and reduces the margin of error.

Whether you use built-in approval workflows, collect feedback, signatures, or custom workflows, Office 365 workflows help improve communication between departments and stakeholders.

Get clarity on your business processes

Office 365 Enterprise Business Processes offers a unique dashboard display with all business processes being repeated over and over again.

As a manager of these processes, you can get insight into the number of incoming requests, their approval status, and other essential data. Workflow analytics provides operational visibility, allows you to make quick and sensible decisions, and ultimately helps improve business results.

Implement compliance measures

Office 365 Automated Workflows help automate tasks and maintain high standards of compliance. Workflows can be set up, and eDiscovery cases used in the Security and Compliance Center.

Sophisticated workflows and enhanced features provide document management tools for compliance, such as policies, procedures, and agreements throughout their life cycle. These compliance measures ultimately reduce the time and expense incurred in complying with compliance.

Build interconnected systems

With Office 365 Automated Workflows, you can connect Microsoft products to your LOB systems, facilitating more efficient workflows based on existing technologies. You can combine various cloud services and business applications through powerful workflows, help automate core business processes, and have a direct impact on the productivity of your entire business.


Utilizing cost-effective, out-of-the-box automation functionalities offered by O365 workflows can help achieve higher productivity and cost optimization. Also, businesses should consider the fact that Microsoft is not providing the Office 365 backup required. Moreover, multiple solutions are already available.

But, not all are the same or can provide you with an excellent backup feature. So choose wisely.