SaaS Backup Software Overview

Reading Time: 2 minutes
SaaS Backup Software Overview
Reading Time: 2 minutes

What is SaaS Backup Software?

SaaS backup software is a technology designed to store and protect data created by SaaS products.

SaaS products are any software licensed and delivered over the cloud instead of on-premises.

SaaS backup software keeps this data either elsewhere in the cloud or on the premises so that if SaaS products fail, its information is stored securely. SaaS backup software must integrate with SaaS products to save the data they produce. Therefore, not every SaaS backup software works with every SaaS product.

Many SaaS backup solutions specialize in backing up certain product packages, such as Office 365 or G Suite.

Other SaaS backup solutions aim to integrate into a wider variety of SaaS software but may not have the features provided by more specific SaaS backup solutions.

Features and capabilities of SaaS backup software

Many SaaS backup solutions have features relevant to the backup software.

For example, SaaS backup software that integrates with email systems may have email-specific data archiving features. Despite this, some key features are present in most SaaS backup software:

  • SaaS product integration
  • Data storage through the cloud or on-premises
  • Data encryption
  • Data Restoration
  • Data Auditing and search

Veeam SaaS solution

This SaaS solution addresses several items. First, there is no built-in “out of 365” backup in 365 that meets all regulatory needs.

Second, using the Recycle Bin in SharePoint is difficult and almost impossible to manage; to have data backups, you ensure that accidents can be fixed.

Third, the ability to attract exchanges, SharePoint, and OneDrive are exceptional.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 aims to eliminate the risk of losing access to and control over Office 365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Microsoft Business and teams – so that data is always protected and accessible.

Veeam gives the user a secure backup of Office 365 anywhere, including on-premises, hyper-scale cloud, or service provider.


Rubrik is used by organizations worldwide. It helps businesses with backup deliverables for critical and key systems. Also, it can be used for disaster recovery for virtual machine servers.

When a company is going through a digital transformation, it is crucial to know that transitioning from the typical tape method to doing backups with Rubrik and archiving it to the cloud through AWS is a great idea.


Altaro is a solution for any business of any kind while working on the Internet. MSPs can take backups and manage and track them through the multi-tenant, Altaro cloud-based console.

Backups are automatically saved to Altaro’s Microsoft Azure secure infrastructure. No contracts or down-front costs: MSPs pay per user, monthly. A monthly activation fee covers backup, storage, and access to the management console.

Altaro provides A24/7 support and boasts a call response time of fewer than 30 seconds as part of the package. MSPs can set their price and earn periodic monthly income.

With Altaro Office 365 backup, businesses can avoid the hassle and expense of setting up local storage infrastructure or backup software rather than backing up Altaro’s Azure infrastructure.

Knowing that we are secure, and have a backup, makes us sleep better at night!