5 Reasons That Trigger You to Start Office 365

Reading Time: 3 minutes
5 Reasons That Trigger You to Start Office 365
Reading Time: 3 minutes

At the outset, let me explain something. This is not a G-Suite vs. Office 365 or anything vs. Office 365. This is an explanation of the best parts that trigger you to start Office 365. It has many great startup options, and it is up to the founders to be informed and choose the best one for their organization.

1. Hyper-growth

Startups have problems with scalability over our craziest ideas. You need a platform that offers a low price today but can reach 100 employees in one day. If you do not plan for irreplaceable growth and are ready for it at any time, you are doomed to fail.

Look at Airbnb. They were a challenging startup, going door-to-door, taking pictures, rejected by capitalists, to be a $10 billion business overnight. That’s all there is to it.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is designed for small and large businesses. With a monthly subscription for one user, prices start low, allowing you to grow your business without worrying about your space, email, and collaboration tools growing with you. You can easily add and remove hundreds of users at any time.

2. Employee experience that attracts star talent

Does anyone join the startup and plan to work 9–5? Does anyone want to be in the office until midnight or drive to the office on Saturday? Who does not want to work in pajamas?

The journey that people make with your organization and their interactions with colleagues and the tools you provide are vital to attracting and retaining the world’s best employees. Startups need tools that will give employees the best experience.

Hiring top talent and potential employees in the star starts with leadership and ends with the tools they use every day. From the iconic Office suite to Microsoft teams (a competitor to Slack), Office 365 is designed to provide the best employee experience.

3. Focus on the core

Startups must find something that brings value to their customers and focus on it. Make the best decision, keep fighting every day to add value, and take care of customers. Leadership can not waste time with salespeople and must maintain a daily routine as low as possible.

Every application and service that you add to your business will take up constant time.

The nightmare of having too many sellers does not stop there. Every new employee will need to be trained in every software. Each product will need to be monitored for changes, and you will need to update the documentation.

4. Hackable

Customizing the products used by your employees seems almost counter-intuitive to the previous “Focus on the Core” point. Customizing your tools can actually save time.

When you have a dozen social media accounts to manage, it isn’t easy to track. Instead of opening a dozen browsers every morning, drag the data to Microsoft Teams.

5. Office Suite

There is no comparison of Microsoft Office with any other solution. With Dictation, you can write a document in Word by speaking. Using PowerPoint design ideas, you can create a presentation that will blow your customers up with a few clicks.

Outlook is where everyone lives. Emails, tasks, calendars, and contacts are all integrated into CRM, teams, WebEx, and more. Excel formulas and graphs make data fast and easy.

All of these reasons make Office 365 an incredible suite for any business, but Microsoft has a tiny issue – it does not provide the proper Office 365 backup. It would be best if you considered a solution from a reliable partner in the likes of Altaro. Altaro Office 365 backup is among the best solutions out there!