7 Tips for Mastering Office 365

Reading Time: 2 minutes
7 Tips for Mastering Office 365
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Execution means everything in today’s market. Businesses that achieve their goals satisfy their customers and lay the foundation for growth and prosperity. Similarly, employees who effectively perform their tasks and other responsibilities contribute to their company’s success and increase their personal value.

Modern technology gives you an employer or business owner almost unlimited opportunities for productivity and efficiency gains, but much of that potential lies untapped.

Developing an awareness of your day-to-day software capabilities and learning how to access little-known features can help you and your team produce better deliveries in less time.

Automate Recurring Tasks and Filing

Use Outlook 365 to automate repetitive tasks such as inviting a specific group of people to a meeting or sending an email to a group. You can also automate strings to perform functions such as transmitting or deleting messages.

Access Local Files Remotely

Use the OneDrive Fetch feature to restore files located on your computer remotely. The feature may save the day when your computer did not set the required information on OneDrive, or you forgot to bring your flash drive with you to work.

The download will also allow you to stream videos stored on your computer remotely.

Forecast from Historical Data on Excel

Businesses use forecasting to budget and purchase materials, but generating accurate data can be challenging. Fortunately, Excel 2016 has a new feature that allows you to create charts that show projections generated from time-based data stored in a spreadsheet.

The function calculates the confidence limits and provides error margin estimates using the Exponential Smoothing (ETS) algorithm.

Import and Refresh Data from the Web

Have you ever needed to update a spreadsheet using data found on the Internet? If you have, you can finish the tedious process of repeatedly navigating a web page, copying data, and pasting it into Excel. Use a one-time process to update information from a web page and then update your data with a mouse click.

How to “Unpivot” Data

Excel’s Unpivot function gives you the tool you need to transform your data from columns into paired values. Known to some as changing data from “wide to long”, the feature allows you to go “wide” by having multiple data columns for each row or “long” by having a single data point in a row, with probability for multiple categories. In the world of databases, administrators describe it as “overlapping” the process of moving data from columns to rows, reversing the pivot table. 

In Excel 2016, Microsoft calls the Get & Transformer Power Query process.

Extract Data from Dynamics CRM to Standard Word and Excel Documents

If your company chose the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you could access Word and Excel templates extracted from its data.

Tools help you save time and improve accuracy by setting up a primary document that you can use to send or print the same type of material frequently. Once you have extracted the data in your Office document, you can customize it for your specific purpose.

Always Backup Office 365 data

When I say always, I really mean having a proper partner who can do the Office 365 backup for you!