What’s New In Office 365?

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whats new in office365
Reading Time: 4 minutes

What’s new in Office 365 is that, in the beginning, Microsoft gave a visual change to Office 2021, much like the company does with Microsoft 365. your theme, including light / dark choices.

Microsoft has acknowledged the popularity of non-subscription versions of Office for both business and personal use. To meet this demand, Microsoft will continue its long tradition of distributing standalone Office Suites with Office 2021.

The tech giant is also talking about the new Microsoft 365 service as a connected platform that combines Office applications with 1 TB of OneDrive space as a value proposition. In terms of features, Microsoft adds numerous things that have already been shaped into versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and all other applications for Windows 365. Multiple sheets with relevant files related as a line focus may be also crucial for Microsoft Excel as one of the enterprise apps to your Microsoft account.

For example, the company has incorporated collaboration new features available to Microsoft 365 subscribers into Office 2021. Real-time co-authorship is one of the most striking features, as it makes Office 2021 feel more like working with Google Docs or another online office application.

What’s New in Office 365 – Microsoft 365 2021?

Office 365

Microsoft updates Office.com and Office experiences for Windows. These updates will make it easier to find all the content related to you, access your apps and templates in one place, take quick action and understand what your attention needs.

Microsoft Teams

The Q&A application for team meetings and webinars is now available for public review. Microsoft Teams card actions move out of the card header bar and into the tab drop-down menu to help disrupt the user experience. Meeting organizers can now assign the role of meeting co-organizer to a maximum of 10 specific people they invite to their meeting.

For Teams meeting recordings saved in OneDrive and SharePoint, you can change the playback speed (0.5x – 2x) while watching the video. Watching a tedious team meeting recording with a playback speed greater than 1 is a great way to save time.

Since Stream is being entirely revolutionized, Microsoft is also introducing an auto-delete appointment recording feature that will automatically delete Teams recording office files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint after a preset period.

Finally, you will quickly reconcile between teams and get the job done efficiently by copying and pasting components through team conversations.


Outlook can view the new location for mail, calendar, people, and tasks. Microsoft returns Coming Soon to view the new mail, calendar, people, schemes, and other areas in Outlook for Windows.


Microsoft will update the SharePoint site creation experience to make it easier for site developers to choose the right site type and understand the site’s roles and permissions. Updates to this experience will include refreshed graphics, expanded site descriptions, and additional context for different levels of licenses in the site permissions panel.


Microsoft adds rich text (bold, italics, underscores, etc.) and images to the Planner Tasks Notes field. Web and Team Planner (Tasks application) will support rich text in task notes when this feature is activated. Planner’s other experiences in iOS, Android, SharePoint, and Power Automate will only store plain text task notes, but they plan to update these applications to support rich text later. Constantly from mid-December to early February.


Suppose you’re a Stream (SharePoint) user with videos on your OneDrive Business or SharePoint pages. In that case, you will soon be able to identify critical moments in your video using the Retention Chart.

Latest Microsoft 365 accessibility features

Microsoft is constantly releasing new features designed to make its products more accessible. The company has reported a significant announcement for all the most extensive accessibility features in Microsoft 365 2021 version.

Microsoft is constantly releasing hardware and software updates designed to improve the accessibility of its products so that anyone can use them without any problems.

Microsoft has such a priority that it has a quarterly update on this topic, all with the fall 2021 release.

What you can expect now from Microsoft 365 accessibility features is not just a tiny drop to your glass of water. First, there are subtitles and live transcripts of Microsoft Teams meetings. The features are already available on both desktop and mobile applications and cover 28 languages.

Furthermore, CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation), a fantastic way of saying subtitles in real-time, will be appearing to Teams members in October.

This service enhances the subtitle experience by addressing commonly complicated situations with speech recognition software, such as jargon discussions.

Why Should Companies Use Office 365?

This brings us back to why Office 365 needs to be implemented. It would go beyond the scope of this post by giving any definitive answer to this question.

Let’s look at a medium-sized enterprise in the automotive industry. Of course, this company will also rely on a sound IT infrastructure. Hence, resources, technology, and budget will be available to create the right IT environment.

In addition to being safe, current, and highly functional, it must be easy to maintain. The maintenance issues are on the top. The indicators for these two areas can be as follows:

  • you need to keep the systems to provide proactive downtime protection;
  • you need to keep the systems to ensure their high-performance operations;
  • you need to maintain the systems to protect them from security vulnerabilities.

But it all requires an extra layer of protection, perhaps the most essential protection – Office 365 backup. You need to have a valid backup to control your critical data. Keep in mind that Microsoft provides you with the basic backup version, but you still need to own a backup from a third-party vendor for your total protection.


Microsoft is constantly improving its Office 365 subscription-based product by adding new features and obtaining existing ones from the web to mobile and desktop computers.

As with Microsoft products, there are two competing versions of it, and in the end, one is phased out. Now it’s the turn of Power BI for Office 365. It worked well, but Microsoft finally killed the initial iteration of Power BI to allow its new service to move in and run the show. The services apps along with cloud files are performing relevant email messages.

That is the purpose behind the recently released Microsoft Office 365 version. While corporate clients are getting the first crack at many of these tools, freelancers and individuals using the level of individuals and families may miss it.

Office 365 means that companies always use the latest version without running large migration projects or securing significant resources. Companies worldwide are constantly convinced that what is new in Office 365 will always benefit their revenue.